Mergers & Acquisitions

Clients always wonder, “What am I worth?”  There are calculations to determine this price, and several measures to take to get to the finish line.  In our Sale Advisory work, we navigate the complex process of selling your business to maximize value and profit nicely from years of hard work.

The Keane Process:

  • Initial consultation to advise on viability and scoping financial and personal outcomes.
  • Preparing a timeline and plan to improve operations and maximize the value of your business.
  • Advising on sale pricing, terms of any offers received, and helping you negotiate the best outcome.
  • Working with your legal representatives on sale terms and document drafting.
  • Preparing timely financials for the due diligence process including EBITDA calculations and Working Capital evaluation.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Cianna for many years, she has consistently demonstrated her kind-hearted and compassionate nature. When I found myself in need of financial assistance, I reached out to Cianna for guidance, and her response was nothing short of remarkable. She swiftly devised a clear and effective financial plan, providing me with the strong financial structure I needed.

Thanks to Cianna’s expertise and support, my company was successfully sold. The new owners were quick to praise our well-structured accounting system, stating, “We have never acquired a daycare business with such meticulously organized finances.” I wholeheartedly recommend business owners to consider integrating Cianna’s services into their operations. Her services not only provide invaluable education to you and your management team but also establish a robust framework for a successful business.

For those contemplating the sale of their business, my advice is simple: establish a solid partnership with Cianna. Share your financial concerns and weaknesses, as well as your strengths, with her. Cianna has the unique ability to create a tailored plan that aligns perfectly with your goals. Stay committed to the plan she formulates and maintain open and consistent communication with her as your company navigates the substantial changes ahead. She has always proven to be a reliable source of wisdom for any financial question or concern. Her encouragement and guidance were a constant source of motivation for me.

In sum, Cianna is the kind of asset that any business owner would dream of having. Her expertise, support, and unwavering dedication make her an invaluable addition to any team.



I started using Keane based on the counsel from my business coach as we were scaling quickly and needed a higher level of financial accounting and business forecasting than we were able to do in-house. Cianna was highly recommended by our tax accounting team and we decided to wait a few months for her to have an opening instead of taking a chance elsewhere. 

She is like a small business CFO and was able to help us set budgets, forecasts and align our business to best industry benchmarks. Within the year, we had an unsolicited offer to purchase majority stock in the company and it was a great offer and path. Cianna was a rockstar at getting all the financials in order for the purchase and both the CEO and CFO of the large acquiring company were quite impressed, commenting that “usually the books of independent healthcare practices aren’t so well organized and clean- we usually get a mess and shoeboxes with receipts”. 

Cianna worked very well with us, and with the acquisition team. She was able to find some calculation errors that were overlooked during due diligence, and she helped make the financial transition smooth.  Because my financials and forecasts were so well organized, along with Cianna’s thoroughness and ability to present the information so completely, I’m certain this assisted in our ability to maximize the value of the sale.



I knew it was time to sell my business but worried I would not maximize the 30 years of hard work I had invested.  Thanks to the proactive approach of Cianna & her team, we developed a plan to optimize the financials over a specified period to increase shareholder value.  By the time the sales process began, we had a history of sound financial statements showing robust growth.  As the sale progressed, the buyers requested many additional documents which Cianna produced in a professional & timely manner.  I would highly recommend Keane to companies thinking of selling or to those which require accounting services.