Practice Management Consulting

We want to serve the people helping people. 

The medical field has an extra layer of complexity when it comes to insurance billing.  We specialize in working with medical practices to enhance the systems of human resources, collections, bill pay and accounting.  Health professionals should be focused on patients and not worried about operations.  In our Practice Management Consulting work we strive to give clients the very best in systems and meet business profitability goals.

At the end of 2019, I was faced with the daunting challenge of venturing out on my own as a solo practitioner after being in a group practice for the preceding 12 years.  I was in essence starting over. I began by reaching out to a close friend who has decades of medical practice management experience and is very involved with MGMA. She had no hesitation in recommending Keane.  From our first meeting, I felt very comfortable with Cianna.  She made the overwhelming task of starting a practice far more manageable and compartmentalized for me.  She was able to outline every step from accounting to staffing, medical management, and human resources. Even when posed with the challenges of COVID, Cianna was always present and available with plans for maintaining the finances of the practice and managing human resource issues. Cianna is so extremely integral to the functioning of my practice. She has far exceeded her original task of “bookkeeping” and has become more of an off-site invaluable practice manager.  There is no question I sleep better at night knowing Cianna is on my team.